Here you’ll find some inspiration to keep going. The path to medicine definitely isn’t easy, but I’m here to help. Follow my blog for practical posts on how to survive your surgery rotation or ace your first OSCE. Alternatively, just stick around to see what “staying sane” looks like during med school.



What year are you? Fourth!

Where did you go to undergrad? The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where I got a BS in Neuroscience {sounds much fancier than it actually is}

What were your stats when you applied to med school?  GPA 3.798 & MCAT 31

When did you take Step 1? May 20, 2016. Thank goodness that it’s over & I passed!

When did you take Step 2?  I took CS August 23, 2017 and CK August 31, 2017.

Want to read more about my journey? Check out my HIP Ambassador profile on Medelita’s site here.

Other questions? Comment & I’ll get back to ya.



*Other disclaimers: All content is my own unless otherwise specified. Advice comes on the basis of my own experience. I do not have a degree in advising. 🙂

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  1. Megan says:


    First, I love your site. You give some really great advice and I really appreciate your desire to help all of us aspiring docs!

    I am currently applying to medical school (and I’m applying to OUWB!!) and was wondering what kind of nutrition training/classes (if any), you received during MS1/MS2?



    • aleahmariechang says:

      Hi Megan,

      Thank-you! That’s great, I’d love for you to come to OUWB! We do get some nutrition training during one of our longitudinal courses called PMH — promotion and maintenance of health. Unfortunately, I don’t think any medical school has enough training on nutrition. We do have several interest groups at our school that focus on promoting exercise/wellness, etc in the community! We also have a faculty member who leads yoga during regular sessions on campus- she’s awesome! Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Mary Claire says:


    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and I got really excited! I’m a current medical school applicant. I’m from Michigan –metro Detroit actually. From reading your posts, you are helpful, honest, and open to mentorship. I really hope to go to OUWB. But we’ll see if admissions thinks I’m a good fit! Would you be open to talking to me about medical school and how you like OUWB? I would love any insight and guidance!

    I hope your third year is going well, and you are enjoying your clinicals!

    All the best,
    Mary Claire

    • aleahmariechang says:

      Hi Mary Claire,

      Thanks for your comment! That’s awesome — good luck with the application process. I’d definitely be able to talk to you — send me an e-mail amchang@oakland.edu. 🙂 I love OUWB and would love to brag about it 😉

  3. NB says:

    Hey there,

    I stumbled on your blog and my SO is a fourth year at OUWB, what a small world! I look forward to more of your posts!


    • aleahmariechang says:

      Hey!! Awesome, I love all the fourth years! What an exciting year you guys have with the match!! <3

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