4 Must Haves for your Surgery Rotation

#1 Comfortable shoes – It goes without saying that surgery has some wild hours. For the first four weeks of my rotation I worked 75-80 hours/week and was on my feet constantly. I honestly couldn’t have survived without my variety of shoe choices {and Epsom salt soaks at night}. I stuck with my Dansko clogs, Grey’s Anatomy clogs, Nike running shoes and fuzzy crocs. My clogs kept my feet happy during my day shifts and I interchangeably wore my crocs and Nikes on the weekends and night float. Scroll to the end of this post for a review of the Grey’s Anatomy clogs!


#2 SNACKS! As a result of crazy hours and long surgeries, there are many times where you won’t be eating at regular times or even at all, unfortunately. I stocked my coat full of snacks like granola bars, fruit leather and even some candy {there goes the healthy diet…}.


#3 Essential oils — say what?! If you are someone who isn’t the best at dealing with some of the gnarly smells that come with hospital jobs, just do what I do! Always have a bottle of essential oils on hand. Mine came into EXTREME use when I scrubbed into a necrotizing fasciitis case {worst smell ever}. I just dab a small amount on the inside of my mask and voila you cancel out the large majority of the smells. I personally purchase the Young Living brand!

#4 Pocket items. Within the first few days of your rotation, you’ll figure out what your residents want you to have on hand. Stock up and have things handy like lubricant, cutting shears, a suture kit, gauze and surgical tape. This makes things a lot quicker at the bedside when your residents need supplies!